Training on Friday 30/11 - St. Joseph's Pelandok Scout Unit
Welcome back to Singapore for those that just came back from Cambodia, including myself. Tomorrow's the last training for the year so I expect a much higher attendance tomorrow.
Attire: PE
Duty level: Sec 2s
0900: General Fall-in
0900-1200: Training Session 1
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1600: Training Session 2
1600-1700: PT
1700: General Fall-out/ PLC
Sessions are pioneering like last week and foot drill. Sec 2s, as the duty patrol, you must report tomorrow at 8am to build flagpole. Some of you take the initiative to remind each other.
ICs: Foot drill: Sec 3 PLs/APLs of Black Bear, Panther, Tiger, Dolphin and Stingray.
Pioneering: Sec 3 PLs/APLs of Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Blue Shark, Flying Fish and Swordfish
Yours in scouting,

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