Training on 19th August 2011 - St. Joseph's Pelandok Scout Unit
Hello guys,

I hope you guys did well for TA3. Well, whether or not you did, or if you're feeling miserable for a careless mistake you made, life goes on. I wish you guys good results. Anyway, it's only TA3. Just keep going, yeah? Anyway, there's training tomorrow. This is the training schdule:

Date:  18th August 2011
Time: 1500 - 1830
Attire: PT Kit (PE Attire)
Duty Patrol: Blueshark Patrol

1500 - 1515: General Fall-in
1515 - 1730: Hike Log Preparation/District Camp Briefing (+ preparation)
1730 - 1815: Physical Training
1815 - 1830: General Fall-Out

For Secondary Ones & Twos
You guys would have the first part of your session in the LT1. You guys would be briefed about your logs. Like, the structure of all 3 (yes, there're 3 logs) logs and what's supposed to be in them. After the session, you guys would gather into your groups for your district patrol to discuss gadgets and start on your logs.

For Secondary Threes
Like last week, you guys would be in the ITC doing your logs. Everyone should finish their logs by tomorrow. All the pre-hike logs should be submitted to me or glen by tomorrow. Also, all the post-hike logs should be submitted also so that I can mark them and give it back to you by the end of training.

That's basically it for training. Short and sweet. Back to the exams, take this as a break from all the mugging (that I hoped you guys did) during the last few days. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy training tomorrow. Have a good time at scouts. God bless.

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