Training Friday 02/11/12 - St. Joseph's Pelandok Scout Unit
Hi Guys,
Tomorrow's training will be on the testing of the skills that you learnt during the four-week cycle-Standard knots, first aid and foot drill
Attire: PE
Duty Patrol: Seahorse
0900-1200: Sec 1s and 2s training (IC: Roy)
1400-1430: General Fall-in(with Sec 3s)
1430-1530: Skills Testing 1
1530-1630: Skills Testing 2
1630-1715: PT
1730: General Fall-out

Standard knots: Brandon, Jia Da, Luke, Lyndon, Nicholas
Foot Drill: Kevin, Jerome, Bryan, Ernest
First Aid: Aaron, Saravanan, Harvin, Craig

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