Training Agenda for Friday 8th June 2012 - St. Joseph's Pelandok Scout Unit
Hello guys,

There will be training tomorrow. You guys should be aware that your respective camps are less than a week away. Please cherish this last few trainings to upgrade yourselves accordingly. This is the schedule:

Date: 8th June 2012 
Time: 0900hrs - 1700hrs
Attire: PE attire
People involved: Secondary 1, 2 and 3s

0900-0930: General Fall-in 
0930-1330: PLTC/UTC Preparation  
1330-1430: Lunch break
1430-1700: PLTC/UTC Preparation

I hope you've rested enough for the past 3 days. May your remaining trainings be worthwhile. Enjoy them while you can.

Daniel Tow.

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