Training Agenda for Friday 13th January 2012 - St. Joseph's Pelandok Scout Unit
Hello guys,

There will be training this Friday, the 13th. It's so cool, it's like we'll be having scout training and the Orientation Campfire on Friday the 13th. It just seems so mysteriously fabricated.

Anyway, this Friday would be interesting as the Secondary Twos and Threes would be going back to skill training after the NPC Saga. The NPC Saga is important in your essay on the rise of S8 and its creation. It'll also be helpful if you could take down notes on factors that led to the rise of S8 and it's current members for your part two question.

Secondary Fours would be somewhere else.

Date:  13 January 2012
Time: 1500 - 2230
Attire: Full Uniform (Report in) + PE Attire
Duty Patrol: Blackbear Patrol

1500 - 1530: General Fall-in
1530 - 1900: [Footdrill / Knots / First Aid] / Campfire Preparation
1900 - 2200: Orientation Campfire
2200 - 2230: General Fall-Out

Secondary Twos and Secondary Threes
Remember in the middle of September, we'd still play out in the rain. Nothing to lose but everything to gain. Anyway, if you'd still remember, in the middle of September last year, he had a skill training on a rotation basis format. We'll be doing the same this Friday to complete your Scout Standard/Advanced. This is how it'll work:

Blackbear + Leopard + Lion + Panther - First Aid
Rhino + Tiger + Blueshark + Dolphin - Footdrill
Flying Fish + Seahorse + Stingray + Swordfish - Knots

Secondary Fours
The Secondary Fours this week will be doing something more exciting. Some of you will be helping to set up the Orientation Camp like building the firepit, handling ushering during the campfire itself and so on. The remainding Secondary Fours would be teaching the juniors the various skills as stated above.

We'll be staying throughout the course of the Orientation Campfire this Friday until about 2230 hours. We're in charge of firelighting and will be cleaning up afterwards. Consent forms will be given by your PLs to inform your parents about this. You can also get the consent forms from the Scout Notice Board.

To end, I hope you have a very blessed Friday the 13th and enjoy scouts to it fullest.

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