The Other Side Of The Door - St. Joseph's Pelandok Scout Unit
Hello guys,

This post is to test if the blog is working. I hope it is though. 

Well, UTC/PLTC is 2 days away. I hope you guys treasure the camp properly, to bond with your peers around you. 

For UTC, I want you guys to make sure that you have your packing lists (personal equipment list). Please feedback to us if you, at this point, do not have a packing list. 

For the UTC PLs, this will be a stressful time for you. These are some suggestions for you. (1) Upgrade your log. (2) Buy standardized bottles. (3) Get a good patrol box. (4) Think of how you can excel in the competitions - Gateway Building/Cooking Competition. (5) Be prepared for the camp. (6) Think of ways to impress  us. 

For the PLTC Participants, good luck. I know you'll do us proud.

Well, take care. We'll see you on Wednesday. God bless.

Daniel Tow.

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