Meeting Agenda for 7th January 2011 - St. Joseph's Pelandok Scout Unit
Meeting Agenda for 7th January 2011
Hey Scouts,

Here is the agenda for the first training of 2011!

Date: Friday, 7th January 2011
Time: 1440 - 1830 Hrs
Attire: PE Attire & Full Scout Uniform
Duty Patrol: Leopard Patrol

1440-1500: General Fall-In
1500-1700: Songs and Cheers Practice
1700-1800: Physical Training
1800-1830: General Fall-Out

Scouts who did not attend the Basic and Advanced Scout Standard Knots, Advanced Scout Standard Footdrill or Scout Standard Highway Code Tests will take the tests from 1500-1700

2/9/2011 10:57:32

Sweep before your own door.

2/11/2011 11:45:48

The greater the man, the more restrained his anger.

2/18/2011 14:08:55

Strike the iron while it is hot.


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