SJI Sports Meet 2012 Yeoman Duty - St. Joseph's Pelandok Scout Unit
Hi Guys,

The following scouts have volunteered for yeoman duty this Thursday:

Sec 1
1) Nathaniel Wang
2) Gabriel Yong
3) Guo Xuan
4) Anzelle
5) Michael
6) Chen Ang
7) Gokul 
8) Brandon Tan 

Sec 2
1) Lucas Hsu
2) Feng Yue
3) Ryan Siah
4) Malcolm Tok
5) Jasper Loong
6) Ashwin
7) Ambrose
8) Jeevanaden
9) Zi Hao
10) Wei Kit
11) Roy Tan
12) Ethan 
13) Mitchell

Sec 3
1) Amos
2) Jerome Tan
3) Jia Da

Sec 4
1) Daniel Tow
2) Elliot Ong
3) Syamil
4) Qi Siang

Attire: Scout Half Uniform (Centenary Scarf) remember to bring your beret. Sec 1s are to report in PE attire.
Sec 2s: Please report to school at 0700hrs on Thursday.
The rest report outside the stadium by 0700hrs. 
You will be dismissed from School at 1300hrs.

If your name or your friend's name isn't here, and you want to be involved in this duty, contact your PL.

Have fun during sports meet!

Yours in Scouting,
Oo Guoxuan
2/28/2012 01:20:53

my name has no space between guo and xuan .... its guoxuan


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