NPC Recruitment Letter 1 - St. Joseph's Pelandok Scout Unit
Hey guys,

I'm back. 

And as you might have guessed from the title, this blog will be temporarily revived to provide you quick updates for everything you need to know about NPC.  

Oh, and I hope you did okay for your EOYs. Sometimes things just doesn't go our way, yeah? Nonetheless, let's all keep the Sec4s in our prayers as they soldier on through the O Levels. Let's hope they'll be fine.

Anyhow, the first thing I've got for you is a letter from Mr. Marcus Png. 

"Dear Pelandoks! 

It’s time for National Patrol Camp again! For those who are unaware, National Patrol Camp is a HQ organized competition camp that puts the brightest, wittiest and most skillful scout troops to compete over a 5 day camp filled with games, camp-craft, survival challenges and lots of mud! 

We are sending a patrol of 10 to compete at this camp which is organized every 2 or 3 years, and we are seeking interested and excited scouts who want an opportunity that presents itself only once in your 4 years in SJI (twice if you’re really lucky!)  

Even though we only have slots for 10 to compete, all scouts who are interested in a fun and fulfilling experience can register and enroll into the Pelandok NPC Training Programme. 

By enrolling you can expect to be tinkering, exploring and trying out skills that you normally would not have a chance to be exposed to. Unless you were to be hanging out with the Pelandok Ventures and Rovers regularly on the weekends, if you don’t sign up, you’ll miss out on the chance to do just some of the following: 

1) Advanced and competitive woodcraft pioneering! 
We’re talking about big tall structures that aren’t just built for your badgework, we’re talking about titans dressed to impress 

2) Outdoor survival, practical first aid, challenge games and activities! 
If you learn this, you’ll be on your way to being prepared for the zombie apocalypse. But remember! Your chances of survival and fun increase exponentially if you sign up with your friends and embark on picking up these skills 

3) Artistic campcraft! 
If quadrapods and A-frames bore you because they’re peanuts, wait till you get a load of the fancy designs the NPC Design Team have whipped out to impress everyone at this years’ National Patrol Camp 2013 

4) Discovering a whole new level about Scouting, your abilities, and what you and your friends are capable of! 

Everyone has the potential to be NPC champions when it comes to Scouting. No one is born faster, stronger or better. Success and achievement is entirely in you. If you sign up, you’ll discover a realm of infinite possibilities that’s only bounded by your sheer will power and guts.  

This training programme will last from the 3 rd Week of October and stretch all the way to the end of November.  
Commitment is flexible and can be addressed case by case. We respect every individual’s personal, family and school obligations, and our Pelandok Trainers aspire only to impart the best skills and experience to the most willing of Pelandok scouts, in a safe and fun environment. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to email to 
To sign up please send an email to with your  
• Full name 
• Patrol 
• Class 
• Contact number 

For those who want to be a part of the programme but are interested in supporting only specific areas, help is also needed in the following project teams 
- Campcraft gadgets proto typing 
- Pioneering proto typing 
- Art and decorations 
- Logistics and Admin support"

So basically, if you are interested to join this year's NPC team, please email with the details stated above. 

Remember, interest is key.

Daniel Tow. 

Check out these pictures of our very own Pelandok team of 2011! 

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