Meeting Agenda: Friday, 18th February 2011 - St. Joseph's Pelandok Scout Unit
Hi guys,

Hope you enjoyed last week's combined activity. This week's training will not be so unique but still meaningful and fun.

Date: 18th February 2010
Time: 1440-1830 
Attire: Full Scout Uniform and PE Attire
Duty Patrol : Rhino Patrol

1440-1500: General Fall-In
1500-1645: Patrol Training
1645-1700: Level Meetings
1700-1800: Physical Training
1800-1830: General Fall-Out

Patrol Training Details
Black Bear Patrol - Footdrill (@ School Track)
Leopard Patrol - Flagpole Building (@Pretzel Field)
Lion Patrol - Flagpole Building (@Pretzel Field)
Panther Patrol - Knots (@Level 2 Foyer)
Rhino Patrol - First Aid (@Level 3 Foyer)
Tiger Patrol - Flagpole Building (@Pavillion Field)
Blue Shark - Footdrill (@School Track)
Dolphin Patrol - Knots (@ Canteen)
Flying Fish - Knots (@Level 2 Foyer) 
Seahorse - Hike (@ Canteen)
Stingray - Flagpole Building (@ Pretzel Field)
Swordfish - Unconfirmed (Please check with your PL)

Please note this week's target attendence - 90% Let's all work together to achieve this.

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