Delta Campfire & Meeting Agenda for Friday January 21th 2010 - St. Joseph's Pelandok Scout Unit
Hey guys,

This week, we are supporting  Delta Senior  School for their Campfire.
On Friday, a group of selected people would be going down to Delta School when school ends, the rest would proceed there by bus at around 4.30pm.

The below information are for those staying in school for Normal Friday Training.
Date: 21th January 2010
Time: 1500-2300
Attire: Full Scout Uniform and PE Attire
Duty Patrol : Panther

1500-1520: General Fall In
1520-1630: Campfire Songs and Cheers Practice
1630-1700: Proceeding to Delta School by bus.
1700-2300: Delta Senior School Campfire
2300: General Fall Out.

* Falling Out Timing may vary for some people.
Please also note: -Dinner will be provided

                                     - National Scarf (Red) to be worn

 We hope that you guys would do your best during the Campfire Songs and Cheers Practice so that we can be prepared for the campfire .

Once again, we hope that the attendance would reach our set target with everyone putting in the extra effort.

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