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Welcome back to Singapore for those that just came back from Cambodia, including myself. Tomorrow's the last training for the year so I expect a much higher attendance tomorrow.
Attire: PE
Duty level: Sec 2s
0900: General Fall-in
0900-1200: Training Session 1
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1600: Training Session 2
1600-1700: PT
1700: General Fall-out/ PLC
Sessions are pioneering like last week and foot drill. Sec 2s, as the duty patrol, you must report tomorrow at 8am to build flagpole. Some of you take the initiative to remind each other.
ICs: Foot drill: Sec 3 PLs/APLs of Black Bear, Panther, Tiger, Dolphin and Stingray.
Pioneering: Sec 3 PLs/APLs of Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Blue Shark, Flying Fish and Swordfish
Yours in scouting,
Just saying, this is my first time posting on the blog. For those going to Cambodia, good luck! Hope you have fun! Remember you guys are representing SJI Pelandok Scouts so remember your discipline.
The agenda is listed below

Attire: PE
Duty level: Sec 3 level
0900: General Fall- in
0900-1130: backwoodsman
1130-1230: Lunch
1230-1300: Patrol Corner (For Pioneering Challenge)
1300-1330: Drawing of equipment
1330-1630: Pioneering Challenge
1600-1630: Judging
1630-1700: General Fall out

Sec 3s, please come down by 8am to help build the flagpole and ready up the rest of the stuff. Backwoodsman will be taught by Brandon, Luke Chow and Lyndon.
For pioneering challenge, the groupings are as follows:
Blackbear + Leopard
Lion + Panther
Rhino + Tiger
Blueshark + Dolphin
Flying Fish + Seahorse
Stingray + Swordfish
Pioneering challenge is basically where during your patrol corner you will design a structure with a single purpose (can be any purpose, e.g.: shelter, table, shelf, etc) and needs to be at least 3m long/tall. You will be graded on practicality, stability, number of knots used, correct positioning of knots, tightness, aesthetics (neatness) etc. Judging will be done by Brandon and Jia da.

Please use the time allocated for the pioneering challenge wisely and quickly, it’s not a lot.
Lastly, have fun and hope to see most of you this Friday.
Your friendly Hobo…
Hi guys,
I hope you enjoyed last week's patrol outing or ACE camp for the Sec 1s. Over the next few weeks, we will be further brushing up on your skills. The four skills are backwoodsman(mainly firefighting) under Brandon and Aaron, advanced scouts standard and first class foot drill under Palani, Jerome, Kevin and Bryan, advanced scout standard knots and camp craft gadgets under Luke, Lyndon, Nicholas and Craig, first aid practical and SRIC under Saravanan, Harvin and Ernest. The four skills will be taught tomorrow and on the 30/11/12, 2 skills on each day.
Attire: PE
Duty patrol: Swordfish
0900: General Fall- in
0900-1200: Training Session 1
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1600: Training Session 2
1600-1700: PT
1700: General Fall-out
Scouts who have volunteered for the SJIOBA CIP are reminded to fall- in in school at 0900 as well. Have a fruitful and fun training ahead!

Yours in Scouting,
Hi guys,
Due to the fact that the sec 1s will be going for ACE camp tomorrow, we will not be having training tomorrow and will be having patrol outing instead.
Patrol: Stingray
Fall-in: 0900
There will still be fall-in and fall-out. Have fun and bond well within your patrols! PLs, inform me of where you are going tomorrow.
Yours in scouting,
Hi Guys,
Tomorrow's training will be on the testing of the skills that you learnt during the four-week cycle-Standard knots, first aid and foot drill
Attire: PE
Duty Patrol: Seahorse
0900-1200: Sec 1s and 2s training (IC: Roy)
1400-1430: General Fall-in(with Sec 3s)
1430-1530: Skills Testing 1
1530-1630: Skills Testing 2
1630-1715: PT
1730: General Fall-out

Standard knots: Brandon, Jia Da, Luke, Lyndon, Nicholas
Foot Drill: Kevin, Jerome, Bryan, Ernest
First Aid: Aaron, Saravanan, Harvin, Craig