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Hi guys,
This is for all project Gordian participants. Mr. Gregory will be conducting a briefing for the trip tomorrow at 1330 at LT2. More details are included in your mail. Sorry if there was any confusion about the date of the briefing.
Yours in Scouting,
Hi Guys,
This week will be the Clementi District Scout Challenge. In case you guys do not know what it is about, it consists of four pioneering challenge- sourgraping, trestle race, roman cannonball ( catapult) and 3-2-1 flagpole, in which your patrol will complete 2. For the Sec 1s and 2s, your training will begin at 0900 although the sec 3s will onky join at 1400 as we will have extra curriculum.
Date:  25/10/12
Attire: Full Uniform with PE
Duty patrol: Flying Fish
0900-0915: General Fall-in(Sec1s and 2s in PE)
0915-1100: Knots/Pioneering Revision
1400-1415:Fall-in(with Sec 3s in Full Uniform)
1415-1715: District Challenge
1715-1730: General Fall- out

0900-1400 ICs
Overall ICs: Glen Lee, Joshua Ong
Secretaries: Roy Tan, Lucas Hsu
QMs: Benn Tan, Ju Zihao

Use this challenge wisely to bond within your patrols and get to work with your other patrol members better. Listen to your Sec 2 ICs. HAve a fun training ahead!

Hi guys,
I hope you all obtained the grades you hoped for. Training resumes again this Friday. Most of the sec 3s will not be around though due to an energy conservation course. Hence, the training will be run by the remaining sec 3s and some of the sec 2s. For this week, the training will focus on pioneering in preparation for the Clementi District Scout Challenge taking place soon. The training will be separate for Sec 1s and Sec 2s.

Duty patrol: Dolphin
Attire: PE attire
1500-1515: General Fall- in
1515-1700: Knotting and pioneering session
1700-1815: PT
1815-1830: General Fall- out
Overall ICs: Bryan Toh(Land)
Kevin Tan(Sea)
QMs: Shaquil
Benn Tan
Ju Zihao
Secretaries: Ernest Tung
Roy Tan
Lucas Hsu
Sec 1 ICs: Kevin Tan
Joshua Ong
Jasper Loong
Sec 2 ICs: Bryan Toh
Glen Lee
PT ICs: Shaquil
Yau Chun Wei

Guys, this training is essential in major components of Scouting such as camp craft. So do focus and absorb as much as you can from the ICs. Also, remember to enjoy to training.

Yours in Scouting,
Hi guys,
Your PL should have informed you on Project Gordian. The letter about the trip to Cambodia is under the downloads section of the blog. Please get the acknowledgement slip signed and the payment ready by Wednesday if you wish to register. All these must be submitted to any of the Scout teachers by this Wednesday, 17 Oct. There are only 8 places left. This will be a fruitful and beneficial experience so do try to make it for the trip.
Yours in Scouting,
Hi guys,
This is for all the Sec 3s. The first aid course will be on tomorrow, 13 Oct, 14 and 20. The attire is any round neck t- shirt and pants/ jeans ( eg. PE attire should be fine). All further details are in your sji email. Thanks.
Yours in Scouting,
Hi guys.
For all the Sec 3 scouts in the energy conservation course, it will take place tomorrow, 12 Oct and next Friday, 19 Oct. it will be held at the Energy Efficiency Centre. The reporting time is at 3pm and you will be dismissed at 5pm. The attire is school uniform. More info is stated on the forms in your mail.
This is a requirement for first class so do make sure you attend it.
Yours in Scouting,