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Hello guys,

I am glad to tell you guys that there is NO training this week. Due to the O Level examinations this friday, training for this friday is cancelled.

However, for the secondary threes, you have a CIP project. The secondary threes will be going to Gareth Lee's house to fulfill our first class CIP requirement. Despite this, attendance is not taken. It is alright if you do not want or cannot go for this CIP project, you are encouraged.

This will provide 6 hours of CIP. Please meet in the canteen after school so that Gareth can bring us to his house as a group. For reference, this is Gareth's house address:
482A East Coast Road
Singapore 429051

To the secondary ones and secondary twos, you have no training this week. However, if you feel that you need more CIP hours for your scout standard or advanced standard, you are invited also to join the secondary threes. Please give your names to your PL.

Well, I'm not sure when lessons will ever end, but take this temporary break to recharge your batteries for energy to burst into a firework display of perseverance to mug for the rest of our lives. Have a good break and a blessed week.

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Daniel Tow.
Hello guys,

I hope you guys had fun after the EOY exams. The results will be released on thursday, the same day as our first training in a long time. Whatever happens, remember there's always scouts. Well, there will be training this thursday and this is the training schedule:

Date:  20 October 2011
Time: 1500 - 1830
Attire: Full Scout Uniform (wear to fall in) + PE Attire
Duty Patrol: Seahorse

1500 - 1530: General Fall-in
1530 - 1600: Preparation for Musterparade
1600 - 1700: Musterparade
1700- 1800: PLC/Physical Training
1800 - 1830: General Fall-Out

This week we'll have musterparade to give out the other awards (yes, there are other awards) such as Best Lasallian, Best Skills and Best PT to their individual  recipients. The recipients have been picked by the secondary fours, so none of us know who they are. They will be revealed on thursday.

From 1700 - 1800:
The secondary twos will be doing your PT/games by yourselves. The secondary threes will be having  a PLC to discuss issues.

To the secondary threes who have their energy conservation course on thursday, please come back to SJI after your course. 

Please note also, that the schedule for your holiday trainings has been uploaded to the blog under 'Downloads'.

That's all for this week. Please check the blog regularly for more updates. All the best for your results. Check the facebook circle of teachers for their progress of marking and funny answers that they got from marking. I hope you have fun at your respective Interclass games. Thanks and God bless.

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Daniel Tow.
Hi Guys,

There will be no training on the 14th of October. Training will resume on the Thursday one week from now. Enjoy your marking day holidays!

More details will be posted later.

Yours in Souting,
Andre :)