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Hi guys :)

As you all know, the SJI concert in botanic gardens will be held this Sunday, 25th September 2011. To those who have expressed interest in volunteering for this event, the details are: 

Date: 15 September 2011
Time: 1530hrs - 2030hrs
Attire: Full Uniform (Centenary Scarf)
Reporting Venue: SJI
Dismissal Venue: Botanic Gardens

Of course, if you haven't volunteered for this yeoman service yet, or have any dying questions, do feel free to contact Glen (9488849) to volunteer :) Do note that this does cover the CIP component required for our scouting standards. 

Yours in Scouting,
Andre :)
Hello guys,

WOW. The exams are real close - just three weeks away. I hope all of you guys will balance effectively scouts and your studies. Like SJI says through its PSE lessons, prioritise your time well! There will be training this Friday. Sorry the unrelated talk, this is the training schedule:

Date:  16 September 2011
Time: 1500 - 1830
Attire: PT Kit (PE Attire)
Duty Patrol: Stingray Patrol

1500 - 1515: General Fall-in
1515 - 1730: Footdrill / Knots / First Aid
1745 - 1815: Physical Training
1815 - 1830: General Fall-Out

For this week, we'll have a rotation of lessons for you  guys to fulfill your requirements for your Scout Standard and your Advanced Standard. We will be teaching as patrols, this is how the roation will start:

Blackbear + Leopard + Lion + Panther - Footdrill
Rhino + Tiger + Blueshark + Dolphin - Knots
Flying Fish + Seahorse + Stingray + Swordfish - First Aid

That's all for this week. We'll update the blog if there's any changes to be made. Back to the exams, all the best guys. For the secondary ones, just do your best. Make sure, even if you don't plan to study, at least make sure you know the content. For the secondary twos, study and mug well for your EOY. Yeah, it doesn't count much, at least you show the rest of the level that you can make it. I advice you to take exams seriously, at the very least, try to prepare for them. Because if you do, you can be prepared for upper secondary and feel what it's like under pressure.

Nevertheless, I hope you guys would sacrifice some time to come down for scouts, because the next 3 trainings are important to complete your badge schemes. Thanks and God bless.

P.S CCA will stand down after this Friday's training. thanks :) - Andre

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Daniel Tow.
Hello guys,

UTC IS OVER! Yay! Anyway, this is to remind you of the yeoman service the scouts have been invited to take part in. We would need about 20 people. You would most likely be giving out goodie bags to the visitors to the performance.
These are the details:

Date: 25th September 2011
Venue: Singapore Botanic Gardens (Symphony Stage)

You report in SJI.

Timing: 3.30pm (@SJI) - 8.30pm (@Botanic Gardens)

Since the date is rather close to the ever important EOYs, there is a consent form (which most of you should have received) for your parents to give consent. We'll collect the consent form next training (which I think is next Friday). Well, thanks and God bless.

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Daniel Tow.
Hello guys,

I hope you guys have prepared well for your Unit Training Camp on Saturday. Rest well, pack well and enjoy yourselves. For these last few meetings, you guys have prepared for this camp. So, take risks, take chances, build your gadgets and crave fast food.

As stated on your form, please report in SJI in your PE attire at 8am. A packing list under 'downloads' has been made and suggested to you guys. QMs, you have the choice if you would like to use that packing list, or stick to the one you already made. You will have to wear the red scarf.

There is no training on friday. Get ready to sacrifice memories of chocolates and MacDonald's for 4 days in exchange for dirt, twine, rope, poles, a lack of sleep and a whole lot of fun. Don't worry, it's not as painful as you imagine it to be. Thanks and God Bless.

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