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Hello fellow scouts,

Our aim now is to allow ALL of you guys to pass your respective standards (scout standard, advanced scouts standard, ...). But remember that we can only force you till a certain limit, the rest is all up to you, your will and effort.

Attire             : PE attire
Duty patrol : Panther
Objectives   : To learn new skills that will benefit you and your patrol and to prepare you for the upcoming tests
2.40  General Fall-in
3.00  Level meeting
4.00  Respective skills to learn (To help rearrange the store as well)

Black Bear

First Aid:


Foot Drills:

Blue Shark
Flying fish

Improving the environment of our QM Store:

5.15   Physical Training
6.00  General Fall-Out
6.30  Dismissal
This is a 4-week cycle, so for e.g. those doing knots would be doing first aid the next week. Lets make this weeks attendance 100% because this is the training that will brush up on your skills, not ours. So it would benefiting you guys. Anyway, there will not be a meeting next week, so this is the last week before the break so give it all you've got. Come on we are scouts, we can do this! 04!

Yours in scouting,
Hello fellow scouts,
This Friday will be very busy for most of us. There will be 2 main events happening on that day.
1. The Induction camp / Patrol Camp (The selected 6 patrols)
2. The District hike (Those selected)

Attire : Full Scout Uniform + PE Attire
Duty patrol : Lion
{*Lion remember to come down in the morning to build flag pole}

So the main Modus Operandi of this Friday's meeting would be as follows,

2.45  General fall in
3.10  Assigned schedule:
Start building the gadgets for the induction camp
Blue Shark,
Collect kindling and dried leaves for backwoodsman
Flying Fish,

Follow QMs for the rearrangement of the store
Black Bear,
5.45  General Fall-out (with the collection of remaining donation draw booklets)
6.30  Dismissal


This is the main schedule for everyone. But for those going for induction camp will still continue with the overnight camp after the general fall out. Remember to pack according the packing list and please bring a poncho as well.

Otherwise,  thanks for reading

Yours in scouting,
Hi Guys,
This is just a reminder to bring your donation draw booklets and submit it to your PLs before patrol outing tomorrow.

Yours in Scouting,
Hi Guys,
This week's training is PATROL OUTING!

1)Here are the details for this week's training: 

Date: 20th July 2012
Time: 1440hrs - 1830hrs
Attire:  PE Attire
Duty Patrol: Leopard Patrol

1440-1510: General Fall-in
1510-1730: Patrol Outing
1730-1830: General Fall-out

As you all probably know, patrol outing coincides with Racial Harmony Day. Therefore, use this opportunity not only to foster even stronger friendship bonds, but also to remember to establish harmonious relations between yourselves always, even if your patrol consists of people of different races. Most importantly, enjoy each other's fellowship and just have fun.   Even though this is patrol outing, this is still considered training and therefore, it is compulsory for all scouts.  Check with your PLs about where you will be going. You may invite your Sec 4 seniors as well.

2)There will also be a kayaking course for all those interested.
Here are the details:

Name of  Course                    : 1 Star Kayaking Course

Date                                      : 4th & 5th August 2012

Time                                      : 1300hrs to 1900hrs

Venue                                   : Kallang Riverside Park

Prerequisite                           : Able to swim 50 metres with personal floatation device.

Scout Promotion Price        : $55.00 (price subject to prevailing GST)

Subsidy from Pelandok scout funds of $15.00 each.

Kayaking Proficiency badge is attained after 2 Star kayaking Course (pre-requisite is 1 Star award) - achieve 1 component of 1st class scout standard badge. 

Interested personnel are to write down their name on the scout notice board by Friday 20 July 2012.

Have a blessed an enjoyable patrol outing!

Yours in Scouting,

Hi Guys,
There will be district games this Saturday from around 8am to 2pm. A soccer team of 5 players and 2 reserves is already being formed. A basketball team may also be formed if another team of 5 players and 2 reserves is formed. If any of you are interested, please find me during training tomorrow. Thank you.
Yours in Scouting,
Hi guys
The schedule for scout meetings for the rest of this year has been uploaded to the downloads tab. Please do print it out and have your parents see it as well as have a hard copy for your self.
Thank you

Yours in Scouting ,
Hi Guys,
Once again we are back to a fresh start. So, let's begin on a good footing.
Here are the details for this week's training: 

Date: 13th July 2012
Time: 1500hrs - 1830hrs
Attire:  PE Attire
Duty Patrol: Blackbear Patrol

1500-1530: General Fall-in
1530-1600: Patrol Corner
1600-1800: Patrol Games/ Physical Training
1800-1830: General Fall-out

Basically,  this week's training is all about patrol bonding, especially among patrols with new PLs and APLs.  Each and everyone of you is required to work together with your patrol. Therefore, seize this opportunity to get to know each other better and build up your patrol dynamics.
Yours in Scouting,
Hello guys,

Ever since the start of last year, I’ve been thinking about what to say to you guys on my last day of SPL-ship. I mean, when the journey ends, you stop once in a while to remember all the wonderful moments of impact that made you who you are today. I guess you can never leave the experiences behind.

In my last post, I would like to deeply affirm everyone who has made my scouting journey such a memorable experience.

For the Secondary Ones, thank you for joining scouts. I hope that you’ll enjoy this journey as much as I did. All this would pass by soon, and you would grow up fast, fitting into the shoes of your seniors. I hope you will cherish everything around you and really learn to enjoy working with your seniors. I would really miss Kai Ming’s screaming though.

For the Secondary Twos, you guys are a crackpot of potential. There are so many interesting people in this level - with Darren Drama, Glen and Joshua’s secrets, Jasper’s emo look, Roy’s ‘:3’ face, Benn’s Korean look, ZiHao being at least four times my size, Malcolm’s awesome secretarial skills, Marcus Kwok being tired, Mitchell’s buff stereotype, Marcus Teo’s damn sian face, Lucas’ gonna-break-your-heart smile and Feng Yue’s unenthusiastic enthusiasm .I’m really proud of you guys for maturing so fast at this early stage of your lives. I really wish I could affirm you one by one, but that would take too long. As being the IC of the Secondary Twos for like, a few months, I hope that I’ve not disappointed you guys. I would love to see you guys step up next year. Secondary Two's got hope.

For the Secondary Threes, you’ve stepped up, the unit’s yours now. I hope the PLC of 2012 was able to inspire you guys in one way or another. You guys are another unique bunch.  I still cannot fathom what happened to Brandon, or Jia Da, or Saravanan, but I believe weird is good, yeah? Shaun, the road ahead would definitely not be easy, but tap unto your peers when necessary. I’m still so proud of you and your level. You guys have only one year, I believe that you’ll make it count.

I hope you guys remember my level and I for the people we are.  Forgive me if I’ve ever hurt you, I hope I won’t make the same mistakes again. I guess, always remember the goodness in people, and cherish kindness as a way of life and not a mask to deceive. I hope I was able to inspire you guys in being good people, not just good scouts. I’ve tried my best to influence you guys in the right direction and I hope I was successful in some ways. I hope you don’t forget the way I interacted with you guys and someday, step up to a better person than I ever was. Thank you to everyone who affirmed me, but it was you guys who changed my life.


After four years here, I guess it's time for me to leave. Never forget the people you are, remember that I'm still believing in you. 

Hold on to acting cute and spinning around, may these memories break our fall. Long Live the Pelandoks.

"No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind."
- Taylor Swift

 Daniel Tow.

Hi guys,

This is the agenda for this Thursday's training and investiture. 

Date: 5th July 2012
Time: 1500hrs - 1900(2000)hrs
Attire: Full Scout Uniform + PE Attire
Duty Patrol: Secondary 3 level

1500-1515: General Fall-in
1515-1730: AP training/Preparation for Investiture/Campfire clean-up
1730-1800: Investiture preparation
1800-1900: Ceremony conducted in the Chapel
1900: Dismissal of all Scouts except for PLs and Sec 1s
1900-2000: Short Briefing for parents

As you can see, the investiture has been shifted forward by an hour to 1800hrs. This is in view that Friday will be a working and a school day. The whole ceremony and briefing will end by 2000hrs latest. 

Only PLs and Sec 1s are required to stay for the briefing. The rest of the Unit will be dismissed. 

"Campfire clean-up" is basically the transportation of equipment back from Delta Senior School into our stores.

If there should be any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your PL.

Yours in Scouting,

Hi guys,

There are a few things to note about this week:

1) AP Training

AP training will resume this week on Tuesday. Fall in will be at 3:00, attire is PE. Finalisation of AP squad will also be held on this day.

2) Investiture/Training

Date: 5th July 2012
Time: 1500 - 1900, 1900 - 2100
Attire: Full Scout Uniform & PE Attire
Duty Patrol: Secondary 3 level

The detailed agenda will be uploaded shortly. Secondary 1s, your parents are requested to be seated in the chapel before 1900hrs. A short briefing will follow the investiture and the whole thing will end no later than 2100hrs. Once again, a more detailed breakdown will be uploaded shortly.

3) Stepping Up Ceremony/Annual Parade

Stepping up and AP will be on this Saturday, and it will be a whole day affair. Details will be given on the next training.

If you have any queries please contact me ASAP.

Yours in Scouting,