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Hi Sec 1s,

Tenderfoot has been postponed to a further date in lieu of the many activities that will be taking place this & next week. Please refer to the email sent by Mr Kwang. 

Yours in Scouting,
Hi Guys,

The following scouts have volunteered for yeoman duty this Thursday:

Sec 1
1) Nathaniel Wang
2) Gabriel Yong
3) Guo Xuan
4) Anzelle
5) Michael
6) Chen Ang
7) Gokul 
8) Brandon Tan 

Sec 2
1) Lucas Hsu
2) Feng Yue
3) Ryan Siah
4) Malcolm Tok
5) Jasper Loong
6) Ashwin
7) Ambrose
8) Jeevanaden
9) Zi Hao
10) Wei Kit
11) Roy Tan
12) Ethan 
13) Mitchell

Sec 3
1) Amos
2) Jerome Tan
3) Jia Da

Sec 4
1) Daniel Tow
2) Elliot Ong
3) Syamil
4) Qi Siang

Attire: Scout Half Uniform (Centenary Scarf) remember to bring your beret. Sec 1s are to report in PE attire.
Sec 2s: Please report to school at 0700hrs on Thursday.
The rest report outside the stadium by 0700hrs. 
You will be dismissed from School at 1300hrs.

If your name or your friend's name isn't here, and you want to be involved in this duty, contact your PL.

Have fun during sports meet!

Yours in Scouting,
Hello guys,

There is no training tomorrow. However, there is a briefing that is compulsory for all scouts to attend. This briefing would be regarding Saturday's Adiji Program. Please note that attendance will be recorded for this briefing.

Venue: LT1
Time: 1430 - 1545 (expected)
Attire: School Uniform

Please note that you need not wear your PE attire to this meeting. Also, bring your bags along with you as you will be dismissed from the LT1 directly.

Secondary Ones
You will be going to Scout HQ to purchase your uniform. After the briefing, there will be a shuttle bus to bring you to Scout HQ. There will be seniors accompanying  you. Your dismissal time is varied; estimated at around 6pm (most likely at Scout HQ itself [Bishan]).

P.S. To all the scouts helping out with the Adigi gateway, we appreciate your hard work for the past few days. S8 thanks you for your help.

I hope everyone would continue enjoying scouts and was proud to wear your uniform today. S8 knows your every move, you are never alone. Thanks and God bless.

Daniel Tow.
Hi Guys,

As all of you know, World Scout Day will be on 22 February, Wednesday. However, as we do not have assemblies on Wednesdays, our commemoration of World Scout Day will thus be moved to Thursday. The reporting details are as follow:

Date: 23 February 2012, Thursday
Venue: Den
Time: 0700hrs
Attire: Full Scout Uniform (Secondary 1s to report in School Uniform)

There are a few things to note: 
  1. Please report on time.
  2. Full Uniform is to be worn throughout the entire day. If you have PE on that day, you are allowed to change out for your lesson but you are expected to change back into your Scout Uniform.

If you have any queries please contact your PL.

Yours in Scouting,
Hi Guys,

There will be normal training this Friday for Secondary 1 - 3s only. Secondary 4s need not attend

Date: 17th February 2012
Time: 1500hrs-1830hrs
Attire: PE attire

1500-1530: General Fall-In
1530-1600: Patrol Corner 
1600-1800: Patrol Games
1800-1830: General Fall-Out  

This training will be run by the Secondary 3 level in the absence of the Secondary 4s in lieu of their Common Tests next week. The acting ICs have already been notified, and you are expected to follow their instructions. 

Yours in Scouting,

Hi Guys,

The following people are involved in the contingent for Total Defence Day:

Secondary 2:
1) Roy Tan
2) Malcolm
3) Zi Hao
4) Joshua Ong
5) Glen Lee
6) Marcus Kwok
7) Jasper Loong

Secondary 3: 
8) Brandon Koh
9) Shaun Koo
10) Jerome
11) Saravanan
12) Jia Da
13) Shawn Low
14) Kevin Tan

Secondary 4:
15) Daniel Tow
16) Glen Lye
17) James Chua 
18) Kim Ki Han
19) Gareth Lee
20) Thanesh
21) Elliot
22) Trung
23) Christopher Quek
24) Syamil
25) Patrick Kok
26) Jonathan Liow
27) Ranald Ter
28) Jeffrey Halim
29) Leonard Tan
30) Tan Wei En 
31) Don Lye
32) Jeremy Teo
33) Calvin Choo 
34) Ng Qi Siang
35) Sheriff

Please form-up in front of the Den by 0700hrs  in Full Scout Uniform. You put your bags into the Den. 

Yours in Scouting,
Hi Guys,

As all of you know, we would be having a combined activity with St Margaret's Girl Guides this Friday and Saturday. The details for Friday (in relation to General Fall-In ) are as follow:

Time: 1500hrs
Venue: In front of the chapel
Attire: PE kit
Cost: *$4
Duty Patrol: Rhino

Please bring along all your bags and belongings to Fall-In. During the duration of the combined activity, your bags will be kept in classrooms and valuables will be collected. There will be no storage of bags or personal belongings in the Den. *$4 as stated on the form will be collected during Fall-In. Please pass your PL the money beforehand. Also, the packing list can be found in the downloads section.

The Secondary 1s will not be joining this activity but will be down for training on Friday. So if you see them, welcome them warmly into our family. And of course, welcome the Guides when you see them too. Remember to have fun :)

Secondary 1s, if you see this, attire for this Friday is the same as the rest of the Unit. 

Yours in Scouting,
Hello guys,

I hope you guys are coping well in school. A month has passed and gone, so live in the present. Anyway, please refer to the post below, by Andre, for the training details this Friday. I'm here to summarise the main points.

1) Please have a heavy lunch. There will be musterparade this Friday, so please spend recess wisely by eating a proper meal. I suggest you also eat after school, before training, or at least drink a can of 100 Plus.

2) We will be required to wear our full scout uniform again this week. So, please ensure that you bring all the components of the scout uniform.

3) S8 crosses the lines of right and wrong so often that it almost seems deliberate.

4) After masterparade, you will be having your games/retests. For scouts taking the retests of knots and footdrill, please revise them at home or online. There is no shortcut to success in this case. For scouts that have passed your first aid, footdrill and knots, congratulations. You will be playing games.

That's basically everything. Enjoy training on Friday.

Daniel Tow.
Hi Guys,

There will be training this week and the details are as follow:

Date: 3rd February 2012
Time: 1500hrs-1830hrs
Attire: Full Scout Uniform + PE attire
Duty Patrol: Panther Patrol

1500-1515: General Fall-In
1515-1545: Muster Parade Preparations 
1545-1615: Muster Parade
1615-1800: Games/Re-tests
1800-1830: General Fall-Out 

Those who have failed in the knots/footdrill/first aid tests, you will only be able to join the rest having games after passing those test(s) which you have failed. 

Please have a heavier lunch or recess as Muster Parade will be on this Friday. And also ensure that your uniform is in order. If it isn't, contact your PL immediately.

 Any omission of a uniform part will be dealt with severely. Also, do note that the updated schedule for Semester 1 is up on the downloads page.

Yours in Scouting,