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The following scouts have volunteered for this CIP event on Friday:

Secondary 2
1) Brandon Koh
2) Saravanan
3) Stanley Ang
4) Shaun Koo
5) Kevin Tan
6) Rishubh 
7) Jia Da
8) Vaishakh
9) Lyndon

Secondary 3
1) Ki Han
2) Andre Sng
3) Gareth Lee
4) Daniel Tow
5) Glen Lye
6) Thanesh
7) Don Lye
8) Elliott Ong
9) Qi Siang
10) Patrick Kok
11) Bi Yang
12) Nicholas Tan

Secondary 4
1) Nantha
2) Ikhwan
3) Yong xiang
4) Jun Yin
5) Julian Lee
6) Maxi
7) Naufal
8) Colin Tan
9) Matthew Wong

Please wear Half-u with Red Scarf and Beret. You have to be at the stadium by 0700 HRS See you there.

Yours In Scouting,
Hi everyone, 

Please find the consent form for this weekend's Scout's Founder's Rally in the downloads section of this website.

Please also note that this form must be returned signed to your PL by the 22nd of February.

Thank you.

Matthew Wong 
Hi guys,

Hope you enjoyed last week's combined activity. This week's training will not be so unique but still meaningful and fun.

Date: 18th February 2010
Time: 1440-1830 
Attire: Full Scout Uniform and PE Attire
Duty Patrol : Rhino Patrol

1440-1500: General Fall-In
1500-1645: Patrol Training
1645-1700: Level Meetings
1700-1800: Physical Training
1800-1830: General Fall-Out

Patrol Training Details
Black Bear Patrol - Footdrill (@ School Track)
Leopard Patrol - Flagpole Building (@Pretzel Field)
Lion Patrol - Flagpole Building (@Pretzel Field)
Panther Patrol - Knots (@Level 2 Foyer)
Rhino Patrol - First Aid (@Level 3 Foyer)
Tiger Patrol - Flagpole Building (@Pavillion Field)
Blue Shark - Footdrill (@School Track)
Dolphin Patrol - Knots (@ Canteen)
Flying Fish - Knots (@Level 2 Foyer) 
Seahorse - Hike (@ Canteen)
Stingray - Flagpole Building (@ Pretzel Field)
Swordfish - Unconfirmed (Please check with your PL)

Please note this week's target attendence - 90% Let's all work together to achieve this.
Dear all,

This week would be our combine activity with SMSS. 
Time: Friday after school - Saturday 3.30pm. 

Packing List
PE pants
PE shirt
Home Clothes
EZ‐link card
$20( lunch on Saturday will be on your own)

MORE details will be given about the activities on the day of the camp.
Hope to see all of you guys there.

Pls note that the $5 paid for the camp will be for dinner and breakfast.
Consent Form must be submitted on Wednesday together with the $6 camp fees. If you have not received the form, pls download from the downloads pa 

Thank You.

Cheng Wei