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Hello guys,

I hope you guys are enjoying your prosperous Chinese New Year break. After collecting all those red packets, awkward-ly changing conversation topics so that you can sell relatives your SJI Donation Draw tickets  and 'lo hei'-ing until a mess of ingredients land on your face, we're getting back to the sad reality of life - school. However, we still have scouts to look forward to, even though we're just looking forward to every Friday we can grab on to.

As you may have guessed, we have scouts this week. This past 2 weeks, you would have finished your syllabus for your advanced standard. However, you would not have officially passed until this Friday. This Friday, we would be having the real tests for what you have learnt.

Date:  27 January 2012
Time: 1500 - 1830
Attire: Full Uniform (Fall-In/Out) + PE Attire
Duty Patrol: Lion Patrol

1500 - 1530: General Fall-in
1530 - 1730: [Footdrill / Knots / First Aid] Tests
1730 - 1800: Physical Training
1800 - 1830: General Fall-Out

Your PLs would be with you guys.  So, with appropriate division, each test would last for 40 minutes. This is inclusive of a 10 minute revision with your PL, just in case you need any extra tips/re-cap. This will be your rotation:

1530 – 1610
Blackbear + Leopard + Lion + Panther - (1) - Footdrill
Rhino + Tiger + Blueshark + Dolphin - (2) - Knots
Flying Fish + Seahorse + Stingray + Swordfish - (3) - First Aid

So, after 40 minutes, (1) goes to (2), (2) goes to (3) and (3) goes to (1). Simple. Footdrill is at Track, Knots is at The Pavillion and First Aid is at the Canteen Stalls.

Just in case you were ignoring your instructor during your lessons (which you should not), this is basically what you need to do.

Footdrill - Practice at home, remember the commands and their appropriate  
Knots - Learn knots via YouTube, that's what I did.
First Aid - Trust me, you don't really need to remember anything.

Anyway, good luck for the tests. You won't really need it though. We're all so blessed after Chinese New Year. Enjoy your break and rest well for scouts.

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Hi Guys,

Here are the details for the 13th Korean National Jamboree:
Date :    1st to 10th August 2012 
Participants are advised to arrive on 2nd August 2012 and leave the Jamboree Site by 8th August 2012. Optional Tours or Home Hospitality Programme may be included subject to the availability of funds.   
Venue :    17th World Scout Jamboree Campsite  Gangwon Province, South Korea   
Theme :    ECO Friendly Scouting   
Fee :    $1800. The fees will cover jamboree kit, meals, tents, on-site activities, off-site educational  visits  to  places  of  interest,  travel  insurance,  airfares  and  inland transportation between the airport and the jamboree site.   Eligibility :    Scouts aged 13 – 17 are welcome to join the Jamboree as participants. 
Equipment :    Participants  should  bring  their  personal  belongings  including  sleeping  bag, flashlight, Scout Uniform, sportswear and raingear; etc  
Climate  :    Summer  is  the  rainy  season  in  Seoul.  The  mean  temperature  for  Seoul  in August is 25.3°C   
Highlights :    Exciting adventure challenge, water activities, survival skill, art & crafts, global development village, badge trading, leaders’ programme, traditional play and environment conservation  
Those interested to apply, please email Mr David Kwang : as soon as possible.Yours in Scouting,Andre 
Hello guys,

There will be training this thursday, because Friday is unavailable due to the Chinese New Year half-day. So, let's enjoy this week's training like we did last week. This week would be like last week's, but with extra PT. This is the schedule:

Date:  19 January 2012
Time: 1500 - 1830
Attire: PE Attire
Duty Patrol: Leopard Patrol

1500 - 1530: General Fall-in
1530 - 1730: Footdrill / Knots / First Aid
1730 - 1800: Physical Training
1800 - 1830: General Fall-Out

So, like last week, you'll be doing patrol training again. S8 didn't need any training. Their visions and their skills were given to them naturally when it was their time to show themselves, fulfilling their purpose of their creation. But still, you need training. This will be the rotation of patrols:

Blackbear + Leopard + Lion + Panther - Knots
Rhino + Tiger + Blueshark + Dolphin - First Aid
Flying Fish + Seahorse + Stingray + Swordfish - Footdrill

To all Secondary Fours, you will be following your patrols and teach them whatever they need to learn.

I'm to end this post soon since I have nothing else to say. Well, enjoy this thursday and the scout trainings to come.

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- Graeme Fife

Daniel Tow.
Hello guys,

There will be training this Friday, the 13th. It's so cool, it's like we'll be having scout training and the Orientation Campfire on Friday the 13th. It just seems so mysteriously fabricated.

Anyway, this Friday would be interesting as the Secondary Twos and Threes would be going back to skill training after the NPC Saga. The NPC Saga is important in your essay on the rise of S8 and its creation. It'll also be helpful if you could take down notes on factors that led to the rise of S8 and it's current members for your part two question.

Secondary Fours would be somewhere else.

Date:  13 January 2012
Time: 1500 - 2230
Attire: Full Uniform (Report in) + PE Attire
Duty Patrol: Blackbear Patrol

1500 - 1530: General Fall-in
1530 - 1900: [Footdrill / Knots / First Aid] / Campfire Preparation
1900 - 2200: Orientation Campfire
2200 - 2230: General Fall-Out

Secondary Twos and Secondary Threes
Remember in the middle of September, we'd still play out in the rain. Nothing to lose but everything to gain. Anyway, if you'd still remember, in the middle of September last year, he had a skill training on a rotation basis format. We'll be doing the same this Friday to complete your Scout Standard/Advanced. This is how it'll work:

Blackbear + Leopard + Lion + Panther - First Aid
Rhino + Tiger + Blueshark + Dolphin - Footdrill
Flying Fish + Seahorse + Stingray + Swordfish - Knots

Secondary Fours
The Secondary Fours this week will be doing something more exciting. Some of you will be helping to set up the Orientation Camp like building the firepit, handling ushering during the campfire itself and so on. The remainding Secondary Fours would be teaching the juniors the various skills as stated above.

We'll be staying throughout the course of the Orientation Campfire this Friday until about 2230 hours. We're in charge of firelighting and will be cleaning up afterwards. Consent forms will be given by your PLs to inform your parents about this. You can also get the consent forms from the Scout Notice Board.

To end, I hope you have a very blessed Friday the 13th and enjoy scouts to it fullest.

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Daniel Tow.
Hello everyone,

I hope everyone has enjoyed the first training of the year. Even though our Secondary Threes were absent, and the whole training was practically store cleaning, it was fun scouting together, right? That was a rhetorical question, don't respond to that.

Anyway, there are just a few things to note.

1) As part of the many scout leaders, I understand that the blog post reguarding yesterday's training (6/1/12) was not up and many of you were not sure of the reporting time, reporting attire and the meeting's agenda. On behalf of my scout EXCO, let me apologize. We'll make sure that training schedules would be up promptly in the future.

On a side note, thank you to the PLs who successfully brought the unit down.

2) The training schedule for Term 1 has been uploaded. You can find it under  'Downloads'. Please print it out and show it to your parents, so that they are more aware of the scouting schedule.

3) A new year has begun,  and if we were Secondary x last year, we're Secondary (x+1) this year. Except the Secondary 4s last year of course. Anyway, just note that you're getting older and each one of you will be having more responsibilities and more stress to endure. You'll also be some sort of a senior in your own right. So, try your best to be a role model. Try, please. As people age, people become more mature right? So I expect a more disciplined unit this year.

Anyway, to end it all. Enjoy your weekends everyone. Enjoy studying too! The earlier you study, you more satisfaction you get. Differentiation is almost as awesome as S8.

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Daniel Tow.
Hi Guys,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all :) There are a few things to be noted for this week:

1) Normal training will resume effective from this Friday. More details will be given later.
2) For all Secondary *Fours, there will be a compulsory PLC this Wednesday. You'll be notified on the timing and venue tomorrow upon confirmation with School Management. 
3) The Secondary One Orientation Campfire will most likely be next Friday, so Be Prepared for an extra training or two next week for us to prepare in welcoming them to our family, and also (hopefully) our Scouting family :)

Enjoy the first few days of school! And see you all on Friday.

Yours in Scouting,
Andre :)